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Salud Morena is invested in closing the health inequities gap through system change. We see our role in supporting culture shift through the  following strategies:

  • Capacity Building, Education, and  Community Partnerships

  • Direct Patient Care

  • Policy Advocacy

" Seed is not just the source of life. It is the very foundation of our being." 

- Vandana Shiva   

Our Mission

Our Mission

We work to improve the health outcomes of New Mexicans by strengthening communities through capacity building, advocacy, and delivery of culturally and linguistically responsive care. 

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Our Vision

  • A thriving community-based organization that ensures optimal health and equitable care for New Mexico’s most vulnerable populations.

  • Program design and application that is community informed and congruent with identity-based cultural values.

  • Addressment of health disparities through a social justice lens.


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