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What We Do


Community Health Worker Training and Coalition Building  

Community Capacity has emerged as a critical strategy for reducing health disparities. Salud Morena works towards building a community-based movement that redefines and supports health care providers and support systems to close the gap of health inequities. Our goal is to increase community-based organization partners’ capacity to help build a healthier New Mexico.

Salud Morena sees the role of the Community Health Worker (CHW) as a catalyst in transforming community health. Through this vision,  Salud Morena has built a robust CHW education program that allows participants NM DOH Accreditation and continuing education credit. 


Salud Morena understands the importance of bringing the right people together at the right time to make things happen. We see our role in this as offering technical expertise in coalition building, facilitation, community change, and collaboration. We work in a supportive, behind-the-scenes way in partnership with communities and organizations working to improve health and achieve health equity. Salud Morena aims to promote community voices to improve health, increase collaborations, and share knowledge.

Behavioral Health & Comprehensive Case Management

Salud Morena in partnership with Hipocampo Salud provides healing and relief to Spanish-speaking clients and their families through therapeutic, symptom management, psychoeducation, and comprehensive case management services to individuals and/or their families. A team of clinicians and CCSS CHW/ PCC will be available to collaborate with the client and/or their family through an integrated approach to services to include, but not limited to, psychotherapy, nutrition, stress management, and support groups among other modalities.

Service Concept: Clients will be screened for both therapy and CCSS services, and it is expected some will receive either or both services simultaneously. Clients will be offered therapeutic services provided within an average of 12 weeks, according to the client’s needs, with specific intervention approaches designed to alleviate symptoms as soon as possible.

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Policy Advocacy

Salud Morena collaborates with community healthcare worker networks, governmental councils, community members, academic partners, healthcare providers to ensure we optimize the health of New Mexicans. In bringing together diverse leaders and partners, we further our policy impact.


2020-2024 Priorities:

  • Increase immigrant's rights and health: Specifically, though championing cost-effective immigration medical examinations and a commitment to increasing the awareness of barriers that immigrant communities face when accessing care. We do this work as part of a varied coalition of immigrant rights advocates.

  • Addressing social determinants of health: Salud Morena advocates for social and community services and assistance regardless of immigratory status or tribal affiliation.

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